Vendor Updates

Current vendors: use the form below to submit updates for inclusion here on the website and on our social media pages. 


  • Only provide updates related to inventory additions/changes.
  • Include details about where your booth is located in the store. 
  • Include as much descriptive information as possible. For example: brand names, styles, titles and other “Tags” that you would want people to find you when doing web searches. Think of this as a small “Story” about the items and your booth. 2-4 paragraphs work best, giving you a chance to really elaborate. 
  • Include at least 1 related photo to go with the post. You can include up to 10 as long as they are related to the content. 
  • You are limited to (2) update submissions per 30 days. 
  • Updates are not for booth-wide sales/discounts. 

After submitting this form, our webmaster and us will review it and may make some changes as needed for brevity and to maximize the marketability of the content. 
Based on the number of vendors who take advantage of this service, we will adjust as needed the schedule in which these updates are published. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us!